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IPL 2014 auction Player, IPL 2014 auction Player List, IPL 7 Auction: List of players sold


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The BCCI announced the auction date of the IPL 2014 is 12th February in Singapore. The list of the IPL 2014 auction Player will be declared after 10th January.

This time each team has the permission to retain five capped players in their team as per the new IPL auction rule release on 24th December 2013. The team has asked to produce the list of the retain players by 10th January. After that the IPL 2014 auction list of players will be released.

BCCI allows each team to spend 60 Crore Rupees on its total player. There is also a mandatory rule that each team has a minimum budget of 21 Crore Rupees while entering into the auction to bid from the IPL 2014 auction Player list. This 21 Crore Rupees is included that 60 Crore Rupees.

It is expected that in IPL 2014 Player auction will have some new sensational players that are breaking the bidding records for all time in IPL history.

As per the prediction the New rising batting star of South Africa, Left handed Quinton De Kock and the new record holder of fastest century New Zealand’s Corey Anderson are two such batsman who fetch the highest bid among the IPL 2014 auction Player.

It is going to happen for the first time in the history of IPL that the name of Legendary Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is not there in the list of IPL 2014 auction player. Along with Sachin this time veteran Rahul Dravid’s name is not in auction player list.

IPL 2014 auction Player


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